What Is a Retractable Awning & What Benefits Do They Offer?

What Is a Retractable Awning & What Benefits Do They Offer?

Are you wondering if retractable awnings are worth it?

If you live in Florida, you probably love the warm summer sun and dread Hurricane season. Fortunately, retractable awnings offer a unique way to enjoy Florida’s changing weather patterns all year long.

In this article, we’re going to briefly look at retractable awnings and how they can benefit your home.

Let’s dive right in!

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What Is A Retractable Awning?

A retractable awning is an extension of your roof that’s fully adjustable. It provides protection from UV rays and the elements more conveniently than your windows or a deck roof.

It’s also the perfect adjustable addition for outdoor entertaining. Whether you’re looking to protect your guests from a light drizzle or blistering hot Florida sun, a retractable awning offers killer protection.

Are Retractable Awnings Worth It?

Whether or not retractable awnings are worth it depends on how you plan to use them. For example, they’re a good option if you want complete protection from the rain and sun.

You should also consider the quality of the awning you’re buying. Some awnings come with a wind sensor that automatically retracts the awning when winds hit a predetermined speed. This prevents damage and maintains them for longer. The sensor works by sensing wind-generated movement on the awning arms every few minutes.

However, retractable awnings are more expensive than fixed awnings. So how can you be sure they’re worth the extra investment?

Let’s look at the advantages of retractable awnings to find out.

Fixed Versus Retractable—Which Is Better

Longer Lasting Fabric

The most sensitive material on an awning is its fabric. Most awnings are made from solution-dyed acrylic, mesh, PVC, or cotton. And the frames they attach to are usually painted or powder coated to protect them against UV rays and rust. However, no matter how high quality its fabric is or how protective the coating is, Mother Nature always has her way.

The best way to protect your awning is to roll it up when you’re not using it. Fixed awnings cannot be rolled up and are exposed to the elements 24/7, which means they break down more quickly and must be replaced more often.

Durable Frames

Once again, retractable frame awnings also last longer than fixed ones. When the wind picks up to hurricane levels, as it can in Florida, your awnings can crumble under pressure. With retractable awnings, you can prevent damage by safely securing them to your frame.

If you opt for retractable awnings, you’ll reduce the money you spend on replacing them when Hurricane season rolls around again this year.

Energy Efficiency

Fixed awnings are great during the summer when the sun is bathing your home in UV rays and rising temperatures inside your house. But when winter rolls around, you’ll want those UV rays to hit your house. That’s where retractable awnings can help! Pin them to your home and reduce your heating bill when temperatures drop outdoors.

Easier Maintenance

Retractable awnings are also easier to take care of. Fixed awnings also require more frequent cleaning than retractable awnings. As long as you’re not close to the ocean and exposed to sea salt in the air, you should only have to wash your awning with mild soap and water once per year. Fixed awnings require more frequent washing because they stay exposed to the element.

Added Value to Your Home

Everyone wants to add value to their property. An awning is a great way to add living space to your property without renovating. Retractable awnings make it easy to add and remove this living space on a whim. Most retractable awnings can be retracted with the touch of a button. Fixed awnings also offer the same, but they aren’t as convenient.

Ultimately, retractable awnings offer the greatest return on your investment. They also last 20-plus years, compared to fixed awnings that may last only a few years.

Are Retractable Awnings Waterproof?

Most retractable awnings are designed to withstand light wind and rain, making them somewhat waterproof but not 100%. Depending on the awning you purchase, they may be more or less waterproof.

Suppose you’re considering investing in an awning and want to ensure it’s waterproof retractable awning. In that case, you must understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Here’s a brief description to keep in mind during your buying process.

Waterproof fabric is the best option to protect your furniture from the rain. It can provide shelter from heavy rain, ensuring it cannot penetrate the material to damage your property.

Water-resistant: If the material is water-resistant, it sheds excess water but can be penetrated if heavy rain falls. It offers some protection but not complete protection.

Do They Come In Various Colors?

Retractable awnings are available in various options if you order yours from the right company. Match your awning to the exterior of your home to add value and avoid an eye obstruction in your backyard. Not all companies offer multiple color options, so buy from the best place.

Why Buy Your Retractable Awning From Solarus USA

At SolarUS USA, we are committed to providing high-quality retractable awnings. Ours are American-made, come in various sizes—both big and small- and can cover even the largest of outdoor patios.

We also offer our awnings in all the most popular color combinations. We live and work in Florida and know the demands the sun places on outdoor furniture and awnings. That’s why we’ve tested our products to ensure they can withstand these demands—including Hurricane-force winds.

Most importantly, however, we want to create a space where you, your family, and your friends can come together outdoors. Through our research, we’ve found that retractable awnings offer the most significant benefits of other options. And ours last for up to 20 years— are backed by our stellar warranty, outfitted with a high-wind sensor, and are Miami-Dade County certified for hurricanes.

Learn more about the best retractable awnings we have to offer and whether they suit your home when you reach out to us today.

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