Fabric Recovers

Fabric Recovers in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, Florida

From excellent ultraviolet (UV) protection to added style to your property, homeowners and commercial business owners have come to enjoy the many benefits of their retractable awnings. Over time, it is not uncommon for your awning’s fabric to show signs of aging or experience damage. Instead of purchasing a new awning, clients in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, Florida, can have their awning fabrics professionally recovered by Solarus USA.

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How to Know When to Recover or Replace Awning Fabric

Before choosing to replace or recover an awning, you should weigh multiple factors to ensure you make the right decision. Some aspects to consider include:

Condition of the Fabric

Start by examining the condition of the awning fabric. If it’s dirty or discolored, a thorough cleaning may be all that’s needed to improve its appearance. Should the fabric have suffered more severe damage, such as rips or tears and discoloration from aging, you may want to have it recovered instead. Recovering will have your awning looking like new, in a way that simple maintenance cannot always accomplish.

The Integrity of the Frame

If the fabric is damaged, check the other elements of the awning to see if there are more affected areas. Many awnings are made from high-quality materials, but may still face damage from external pressure or heavy weather conditions. If you detect no structural issues with the awning, recovering the fabric may be the acceptable solution. However, if the frame has been bent or damaged, you most likely will need to have the entire awning replaced.

Reasons to Have Awning Fabrics Recovered

With its wide range of uses, an awning is a defining functional and decorative feature for the exterior of a residential home or commercial business. Therefore, it makes sense that people would want to recover their awning fabric. Some specific reasons to seek fabric recovers include:

Change the Design

One of the advantages of an awning is adding a design element to your property. It helps elevate the look of a home or business and may enhance its curb appeal. Perhaps you’ve taken over a new business and need to alter its aesthetics or wish to change the outdoor style of your home. In either case, recovering your awning provides the freedom to do so.

Improve the Awning’s Function

Besides beautifying outdoor spaces, awnings also reduce people’s exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. If your awning has experienced rips or tears, its functionality has diminished, resulting in less protection for individuals when outdoors. Recover your awning to take back your outdoor space and enjoy it once more.

Our Selection of Fabrics

Opting to have your awning fabric recovered by the experts at Solarus USA gives you significant flexibility. Our customers search through various styles and colors and hand-pick awning fabrics that best suit their design tastes. Additionally, all of our awning fabrics are coated several times with flame retardant and waterproofing agents.

For clients in need of further protection, we offer a premium acrylic awning fabric, as well. This durable material can create an atmosphere that drops the temperature up to 25°F. Other advantages of our premium acrylic fabric include:

  • Water-resistant: Acrylic fibers woven into every piece of fabric allow it to resist water.
  • Moisture-resistant: Natural mold and mildew-repellent properties make sure awning fabric retains its beautiful look.
  • Fade-resistant: Your awning will maintain its vibrant colors year after year thanks to the solution-dyed fibers.

Recover Your Awning Fabric Today

A damaged awning is a hazard that may no longer provide you with comfort or relief. If your awning’s fabric has been damaged, you can quickly repair it by choosing to have it recovered by the professionals at Solarus USA. We specialize in providing sun-blocking solutions to homeowners and business owners in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, FL. Contact us today to learn more about recovering awning fabrics or schedule a free consultation.