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FAQs about Solarus USA in South Florida

FAQs about Solarus USA in South Florida

For over 40 years, Solarus USA has been providing quality retractable awnings, solar shades, and other sun solutions to clients in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, Florida. We have gained extensive knowledge of the industry and recognize many customers tend to have similar questions about our products. If you need guidance with solar shade, review the answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

How long will a retractable awning last?

As long as they are taken care of properly, retractable awnings can last over 20 years. Poor maintenance, inclement weather, and other factors may contribute to your awning needing replacement before its life expectancy.

How much do solar screens cost?

The price of solar screens varies. Their cost is determined by several different factors, including:

  • Size: How large a solar screen is will play a role in its expense. The bigger the screen, the more fabric is needed, and thus the higher its cost.
  • Opacity level: Solar screens come in various opacity levels to help ensure each product meets a customer’s needs. Your level of desired opacity may be a factor in determining a screen’s cost.
  • Style: Like all of our products, solar screens are personalized to meet your preferred specs, including color and design. Multiple styles may determine how much a solar screen costs.

Can I customize awnings?

At Solarus USA, we believe your awning should not only enhance the function of your outdoor space but its appearance, as well. We offer custom-made sun solutions for all our products. Clients can choose a wide range of awning fabrics, as well as valance styles and binding colors to create their ideal sun-blocking product.

How much maintenance do awnings require, and is it difficult?

Proper maintenance of an awning is simple yet crucial to preserving its integrity and beauty. Customers should routinely inspect their awning to make sure there is no damage present, carefully brush off any loose debris or dirt, and regularly clean the awning with safe cleaning solutions.

Are there any accessories available with my retractable awning?

Awnings are designed to improve the comfort and function of a home or business’s outdoor area. For even more convenience, clients can add accessories to their awning, such as:

  • LED lights: Take pleasure in your outdoor space at night with easily-installed LED lights. With customizable brightness features, you create the ambiance you desire.
  • Motion sensors: If not properly secured, high winds might rip your awning from its structure, causing damage to your or neighboring properties. Motion sensors detect high winds and automatically retract the awning to its secure position.
  • Remote control: Adjusting your awning has never been easier thanks to this convenient remote control. Now, with a simple push of a button, you will find superior relief from the sun.

Are the materials used to create an awning durable?

Solarus USA understands the importance of using sturdy materials when constructing awnings capable of handling Florida’s climate. We use Memory Steel that bends and flexes without snapping or breaking. All of our awning frames are powder-coated to increase their durability and strength. Additionally, tested Marine Grade fabrics allow your awning to handle the inclement weather that sometimes hits Florida. All the materials we use are also approved by Miami Dade Hurricane wind load ratings.

Does Solarus USA offer any other services?

Yes. Solarus USA not only provides clients with top-of-the-line products but specialized services, as well. Clients may take advantage of our professional installation, customization services, and fabric recovers. Fabric recovers repair awnings that have sustained rips and tears, or pieces showing signs of progressed aging.

Is my retractable awning covered under warranty?

At Solarus USA, we stand by our products. We are proud to offer valid Sunesta factory lifetime limited warranties on all retractable awning frames.

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