Hurricane Screens in Palm Beach, FL

Hurricane Screens for Your Patio in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties in Florida

Florida is well known for its fierce hurricane season. With winds exceeding hundreds of miles per hour and glass-shattering rain, it pays to protect your windows with specially-made screens. That's where our line of hurricane screens comes into play. You deserve quality screens and customizable options, and that’s precisely what you’ll find in our selection.

Why Choose Hurricane Screens for Your Outdoor Patio?

We carry the world’s best hurricane screens to ensure your windows and patio are fully protected from hurricane season in Florida.

Matchless Storm Protection

We’ve done our research and aligned ourselves with the industry’s best hurricane screens to give you the highest quality storm protection. Help your windows withstand debris and strong winds with matchless storm protection from our outdoor screens.

Patio Furniture Protection

Most of us add patio furniture to enhance the ambiance of our outdoor spaces. The best way to protect that furniture is with our hurricane screens. Whether you want to protect it from UV rays or hurricane-level storms, our hurricane screens provide complete furniture protection. 

Versatility At A Moment’s Notice

Create an instant shield against the elements with premium outdoor hurricane screens. When storms pop up in Florida, they can be extreme. Hurricane screens deploy quickly and retract easily once the skies are clear.

Hurricane Protection—Guaranteed

Our screens can absorb up to category five level winds exceeding 156 mph. You have complete hurricane protection with our screens. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Hurricane screens for patio or outdoor spaces also have the power to increase energy efficiency. They can provide shade for your interiors when installed correctly while protecting the outdoor areas.

Aesthetically Appealing

Not only are our hurricane screens functional, but they can also add to the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces. Entertain your guests while protecting them from the elements with our hurricane screens.

Types of Hurricane Screens

We offer a comprehensive line of hurricane screens to fit your needs. Not sure what you need? Consider a few different types for your outdoor patio. 

Retractable Hurricane Screens 

Enjoy the convenience of using your hurricane screens when and how you’d like with retractable options. Keep them hidden when you're not using them. 

Motorized or Manual Screens 

Use either manual or motorized screens based on your convenience and style preferences. 

Permanent Hurricane Screens 

Get year-round protection from your outdoor patio screens by choosing permanent hurricane screens from our selection.

Expand Your Outdoor Areas with Hurricane Screens in Florida

Using hurricane screens for your outdoor patio design is a highly strategic decision that not only protects your home and outdoor furniture but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. Enjoy your space all year round with no concern over the weather when you select hurricane screens. Invest in hurricane screens to elevate your outdoor space.

Stay Safe and Stylish

Combine security and aesthetics with our stylish options. Please browse our selection today!