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Our awnings are remote-controlled, retractable, versatile, and durable. They can be custom-built to cover backyard patios, rooftops, windows, doors, and more.

Types Of Awnings We Offer

If your awning needs a makeover, we have hundreds of fabric styles, colors, and textures to choose from to revitalize your existing awning, so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors in shaded protection.

Retractable bug screens are a must in Florida. Solarus USA provides you with a variety of screen thicknesses to choose from to protect you from pesky insects year-round.

A retractable awning can help you protect yourself and your belongings from heat and UV rays that heat up the window. We are offering various categories in our original flagship design: Solarus USA, a high-quality retractable awning made with integrated technology to help you use the outdoor space in the best way possible.

Our proprietary unique fabric blend will reduce the heat in your outdoor living areaway up to 25%, that is a huge difference!

Summers always bring in a lot of heat which you can get rid of with the help of an awning creating shade over the window. An awning helps you in reducing the UV rays that heat up the window, which in turn reduces the amount of heat that is retained. Using an awning also helps you with saving money over electric bills. We have two types of awnings to offer.

This is more of a permanent solution to an outdoor living area. Create an entire back yard room, open to sunlight and at a touch of a button closes to seal from rain providing incredible partial or complete shade positions! We can cover any size, cover your BBQ area, your bar, include a ceiling fan add LED colored lights, add retractable screens and create a bug free outdoor room! The possibilities are endless! Just as our awnings are rated for Miami/Dade Hurricane wind loads so are our premium Luxe Pergola outdoor shade structures!

Awning Accessories

Accessories always help us look beautiful, so we offer accessories for the awnings to look beautiful as well.

The Sunboot: This protective cover keeps your awning clean and protected during the winters and when not in use.

LED Lights: Enjoy your awning at night with this functional light solution.

Motion Sensors: High wind velocity has the potential to damage your awning. Help keep your awning protected with a high wind motion sensor that automatically activates the motor to retract in dangerous and windy conditions.

My Link: With just your smartphone, you are now capable of opening and closing your awning from anywhere.

Multiple-Channel Remote Control: With multiple awnings, you will need a device capable of controlling all of them.

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