Sunbrella Marine Fabrics in Palm Beach, FL

Sunbrella Marine Fabrics in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties, Florida

Solarus USA

Sunbrella: 2013-2014 Awning and Marine Fabrics

While Florida is known as the Sunshine State, not everyone enjoys exposing themselves to its harmful UV rays. Too much exposure to the sun can feel uncomfortable and be unhealthy. Awnings help combat these concerns by providing homeowners with protection from the elements without compromising the look of their outdoor space. However, not all awnings are created the same.

Understanding the importance of quality, Solarus USA creates superior sun protection products using only top-of-the-line materials like Sunbrella marine fabric. Learn more about our wide selection of Sunbrella fabrics and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Awning Fabrics by Sunbrella

To accommodate a variety of styles and design tastes, Solarus USA offers clients a large selection of fabric aesthetics and patterns to choose from. Our selection features the following categories:

Homeowner Looking Out The Window Admiring The Awning

Solid Color

  • Crest denim
  • Capri
  • Sky blue
  • Pacific Blue
  • Mediterranean blue
  • Ocean Blue
  • Concord
  • Captain navy
  • Maine blue
  • Navy
  • Alpine
  • Ivy
  • Forest green
  • Fern
  • Erin green
  • Seagrass green
  • Persian green
  • Crest ash
  • Smoke
  • Black
  • Slate
  • Charcoal grey
  • Cadet grey
  • Silver
  • Natural
  • Oyster
  • Parchment
  • Linen
  • Wheat
  • Aspen
  • Spa
  • Basil
  • Ginkgo
  • Turquoise
  • Aruba
  • Aquamarine
  • Crest birch
  • Taupe
  • Cocoa
  • Tan
  • Nutmeg
  • Rust
  • Tuscan
  • Sunflower yellow
  • Buttercup
  • Orange
  • Logo red
  • Jockey red
  • Terracotta
  • Burgundy
  • Black cherry
  • Mahogany
  • True brown
  • Beige
  • Heather beige
  • Toast


  • Royal blue tweed
  • Mediterranean blue tweed
  • Hemlock tweed
  • Dubonnet tweed
  • Linen tweed
  • Charcoal tweed
  • Mocha tweed
  • Walnut brown tweed


  • Tresco indigo
  • Tresco brick
  • Tresco clay
  • Tresco ginger
  • Tresco birch
  • Tresco brass
  • Tresco linen


  • Silica stone
  • Silica silver
  • Silica dune
  • Silica barley
  • Silica sesame


  • Motive denim
  • Manhattan cobalt
  • Saxon cascade
  • Captain navy/natural classic
  • Cooper navy
  • Freemont mariner
  • Navy/taupe fancy
  • Pacific blue fancy
  • Baycrest pacific
  • /canvas block stripe
  • Sapphire vintage bar stripe
  • Baycrest sky
  • Hartwell lagoon
  • Kiawah spa
  • Lankford willow
  • Rumba cactus
  • Colonade juniper
  • Parade olive
  • Manhattan forest
  • Beaufort forest green/natural 6 bar
  • Ashford forest
  • Fern classic
  • Fern/heather beige block stripe
  • Forest green/beige/natural fancy stripe
  • Black forest fancy
  • Taupe 5 bar
  • Forest vintage bar stripe
  • Henna/fern vintage
  • Moss classic
  • Hemlock tweed fancy
  • Forest green fancy
  • Classic regimental
  • Ombre dark brown/salmon/beige
  • Saxson chili
  • Manteo cardinal
  • Bisque brown
  • Brass/black cheery classic
  • Motive dusk
  • Courtland pebble
  • Westport grain
  • Incline parchment
  • Grey/beige chip fancy
  • Manhattan fog
  • Vaughn glow
  • Clinton granite
  • Rodanthe metallic
  • Beaufort yellow/white 6 bar
  • Parade seagull
  • Grey/black/white
  • Beaufort black/white 6 bar
  • Black/taupe fancy
  • Putty regimental
  • Taupe tailored bar stripe
  • Heather beige classic
  • Manhattan dune
  • Westfield mushroom
  • Beige/white
  • Chocolate chip fancy
  • Colonnade fossil
  • Essex curry
  • Eastland redwood
  • Spice/brass vintage
  • Eastridge cocoa
  • Havelock brick
  • Colonnade redwood
  • Rodanthe sunrise
  • Parade oak
  • Shafford ginger
  • Ginza java
  • Manhattan Classic
  • Ginza onyx
  • Cooper black
  • Shafford classic
  • Hatteras raven
  • Burgundy/black/white
  • Plum fancy

Other Products and Finishes

Solarus USA


The premier performance fabric for awning and marine applications.

Solarus USA

Sunbrella Plus

A traditional Sunbrella awning and marine fabric with a durable polyurethane undercoating for superior water resistance.

Solarus USA

Sunbrella Clarity

For awnings that need to look their best but won’t get regular cleaning, clarity features.

Solarus USA

Sunbrella Supreme

A luxurious, waterproof exterior marine fabric featuring Sunbrella canvas on the exterior face, and a special Sunbrella flocking on the reverse side.

Sunbrella® and the Environment

The Sunbrella team is committed to consistently and creatively conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Sunbrella Durability

Because Sunbrella fabrics last longer, people use less fabric and generate less waste as compared to other fabrics that might fade, lose strength or succumb to mildew and atmospheric chemicals.

Skin Protection

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella fabrics in shading products as an aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin as a part of a complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen.

GreenGuard Certified

All Sunbrella and Firesist® fabrics are certified by the GREENGUARD Institute’s Children and Schools standard for contributing to healthy indoor air quality by being a low emitting interior product.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Projects such as the installation of a 500-kilowatt solar panel system at our Norlina Plant and the upgrade of all lighting fixtures in three warehouses reduce annual CO2 emissions by over 1,000 tons.

ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications demonstrate commitment to providing exceptional products and services while recognizing our environmental responsibilities.

Wastewater Reduction

Our unique coloring process eliminates the harmful chemical effluents of conventional dyeing processes.

Zero Landfill

Anderson is recognized as a member of the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program as a result of our recycling and waste reduction programs. The Anderson team recycles all of its waste – including industrial materials, packaging, office and cafeteria waste.

Sunbrella Renaissance Fabrics

Sunbrella Renaissance furniture fabrics combine up to 50% post-industrial recycled Sunbrella fiber with virgin Sunbrella fiber to achieve vintage charm, rich coloration, soft feel and excellent performance.

Sunbrella Offers Recycling Service To Customers

For over 30 years, Sunbrella has recycled its industrial wastes such as yarn, fabric and packaging. As a result, Sunbrella’s South Carolina Plant sends absolutely no waste to the landfill.

Sunbrella also provides a unique way for customers and consumers to recycle Sunbrella fabrics through a revolutionary take-back program called “Recycle My Sunbrella.” For more information on our continuing commitment to sustainability and the environment, visit

Sunbrella Renaissance fabrics

Sunbrella® Renaissance fabrics were created with two objectives in mind: creating beautiful, vintage-inspired fabrics and recycling post-industrial fabric waste.

Introducing Unity, the first Sunbrella Renaissance awning fabric. Crafted for shade applications where subtle texture and distinctive detail creates a timeless charm, Sunbrella Unity is ideal for any awning.

Reduce Energy Costs

solar protection properties of sunbrella awning fabrics

Care and Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella fabrics looking good and to delay the need for deep cleaning is to rinse regularly with clear water to help prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric.

Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned while still on an awning frame or boat top. Simply brush away loose dirt, rinse and clean with a mild, lukewarm soapy solution. rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.

For detailed cleaning instructions, visit

10-year Limited Warranty

This limited warranty protects the original purchaser from Sunbrella awning and marine fabric becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. the limited warranty coverage period is ten years from the date of original installation (fi ve years for specialty fabrics Sunbrella Plus, Supreme and view).

For more information about the Sunbrella limited warranty, visit

All fabricS are 100% Sunbrella® acrylic. Sunbrella fabrics are non fire retardant. do not expose to extreme heat or fire.

Benefits of Sunbrella Marine fabrics

Sunbrella marine fabrics offer homeowners more than just shade from the sun. Retractable awnings that are made with Sunbrella fabric offer the following advantages:

  • Extended outdoor living space: Broaden your home’s living space with an awning featuring Sunbrella marine fabrics. It offers unmatched protection from harsh UV rays and provides cool, comfortable shade.
  • Enhance energy efficiency: Cooling down your outdoor space can result in a cooler home overall. Create a more energy-efficient house with a Sunbrella fabric awning.
  • Increase curb appeal: Sunbrealla awning fabrics are designed to not only increase the functionality of your home but its overall appearance, as well. Transform a mundane space into a stylish and functional area you truly enjoy.

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Take back your outdoor space with quality sun-blocking solutions from Solarus USA. We specialize in providing residents in the Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward County areas in FL with quality-made products featuring industry-leading materials. Contact us today for more information about our Sunbrella marine fabric selection and other products in our inventory.