Stormy Weather Demands Durable Awnings and Screens

Stormy Weather Demands Durable Awnings and Screens

Residents of Florida have grown accustomed to the beautiful sunshine, inviting palm trees, and breathtaking ocean views. Awnings and other solar screens are essential for protecting residents from the harsh Southern heat and intense sun rays. While some may call this area a paradise, the State of Florida can be subject to harsh weather conditions, as well.

To combat damage, Solaurs USA designs and manufactures its products to withstand Florida’s weather conditions, including ocean storms and high winds. Here, we discuss retractable awnings and how our selection is built with Florida’s weather conditions in mind.

Retractable Awning Overlooking the Beach with Ocean Waves

Importance of Retractable Awnings and Other Solar Shades

Nicknamed the Sunshine State, Florida has earned a reputation for receiving powerful UV rays from the sun, as it is the warmest of the states across America. Residents experience over 2,800 hours of sunlight per year, and the average high temperatures during mid-summer are in the 90° to 95°F range. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these intense and potentially dangerous UV rays can lead to several health risks, such as:

  • Skin cancer: It is estimated that one American dies every hour from skin cancer, and unprotected exposure to UV radiation is the leading cause.
  • Premature aging: As you expose your body to the sun for extended periods, skin growths called actinic keratoses can form, leading to early signs of aging.
  • Cataracts and other eye problems: Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays may cause cataracts to form in the eyes. If left untreated, this eye condition can worsen over time, resulting in potential blindness.
  • Immune suppression: Some research suggests that over-exposure to UV radiation can lead to decreased efficiency of the body’s immune system.

One way Florida residents can protect themselves and still enjoy their outdoor areas is by installing awnings onto key parts of their homes or commercial spaces. Awnings can transform an unpleasantly hot patio into an enjoyable, shaded oasis for residents and guests.

Not only can residents protect themselves by installing a sun blocker, but they can also protect their home and the contents inside. Overexposure to the sun’s rays can damage your carpet, furniture, and other items inside the home. These damages can be prevented by incorporating window and door awnings into your property.

Products That Withstand Harsh Florida Weather

Since all our products are custom-built and manufactured in Florida, we understand the need for tough, durable materials that can withstand this state’s unique climate challenges. Our Five-Star, award-winning company uses only the best, high-quality materials to create our line of products. This includes heavy-duty metals, durable fabrics, and other considerations.

During our manufacturing process, we use specialized steel called Memory Steel. This strong material has unique properties allowing it to bend and flex, yet still return to its exact original shape. It is hot double-dipped and galvanized inside and out to help prevent any rust or corrosion from developing. To provide an added layer of protection, we finish our products with a powder coating that is much more durable than paint.

At Solarus USA, we pride ourselves on making the best possible products for our clients. That is why we will never cut corners and only use materials approved by the Miami-Dade hurricane wind load code ratings. Our awnings have been tested extensively and exceed 90 mph wind-like conditions. We are the first manufacturers of retractable awnings in Florida with Miami-Dade approval, designed to be the strongest awnings in the country.

Our Expertise and Other Products

Florida’s unique climate poses a challenge for residents and their homes. Retractable awnings help create a solution, but they require quality materials to handle the region's tough and sometimes extreme weather conditions. At Solarus USA, we only use top materials when creating our line of products for our customers in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties.

As all our products are custom built to suit your needs, our staff possesses detailed knowledge of our inventory and can accurately answer any questions our customers may have. To learn more about our retractable awnings and the other products we carry, contact us today.

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