Retractable Bug Screens Don’t Let Insects Chase You Indoors

Retractable Bug Screens Don’t Let Insects Chase You Indoors

When you’re enjoying an outdoor gathering, nothing ruins your fun quite like a bunch of mosquito bites. Of course, many Florida homes have beautiful outdoor spaces – whether it’s a swimming pool, garden, deck, or patio. How can you take advantage of FL’s great weather and enjoy your backyard without having to fend off a bunch of bothersome insects?

Bug-free backyard living is possible with a retractable bug screen. Installing retractable screens in your outdoor space allows you to still enjoy the fresh air while blocking the pests that warm weather can bring. You’ll get more use out of your deck or patio, without worrying about bug bites.

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Keep Bugs at Bay

Mosquitoes are at their worst throughout the United States in June, July, and August. But in states like FL, mosquito season can extend from April to October. For homeowners in FL, protection from pests and insects isn’t just an issue of comfort – it’s also important for your health. According to the FL Department of Health, mosquito-borne diseases found in FL include West Nile virus disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. But understandably, state residents want to take advantage of our great weather, whether it’s grilling outdoors, relaxing in a hot tub, or just catching up with friends on the patio.

Insects shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. A retractable bug screen installed on your porch or patio allows you to block out mosquitoes and other pests whenever you need to so that your family and guests are protected from predatory insects. You won’t have to rely on flyswatters or insecticide sprays, which can contain bothersome odors and hazardous chemicals.  And when bugs aren’t in season, the motorized screens can be discreetly stored away.

Additional Benefits of Bug Screens

A retractable screen doesn’t just protect you from pests like flies and mosquitoes. Other advantages of installing a bug screen include:


FL homeowners are fortunate to have a warm-weather climate that allows us to spend plenty of time outdoors. Of course, no one wants to have the neighbors looking in. With a retractable screen, you can choose an extra layer of privacy when you want it, without obstructing the views of your backyard or garden.

Added Value

Installing retractable bug screens can add value to your home, while seamlessly integrating into your home’s architectural style. Because a retractable screen can be mounted on an existing structure, you can add a bug screen to your porch, patio, or deck. And with one-touch remote control, you can easily hide the screen when you don’t need it.

Ease of Use

Because you can retract your bug screen when you aren’t using it, the screen fabric is protected from dust, debris, and inclement weather. This significantly extends the life of your screen, ensuring you can use it for years to come. Plus, with simple remote-controlled retraction, you don’t need to spend time removing your screens and storing them away when winter comes.

Learn More About Bug Screens from Solarus USA

To expand your living space and spend more time enjoying the outdoors, choose a custom-designed, professionally installed retractable bug screen from the team at Solarus USA. Since 1981, we’ve been a leading provider of retractable screens, awnings, and pergola covers. Our screens are:

  • Durable: We use aircraft-grade metal frames that resist corrosion and rust, and source materials made in the U.S.
  • Easy to operate: With our proprietary floating track and glide systems, you don’t have to worry that your screens will snag or get stuck. Remote-control operation means you can raise or lower your screen with one touch.
  • Customizable: Customers can choose from several thicknesses, including a bug screen and several types of solar mesh. We also offer different types of mounting methods to accommodate your home’s architecture.

Solarus USA serves homeowners and businesses in Broward, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties in FL. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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