Retractable Awning vs Fixed Awning—Which is Best?

Retractable Awning vs Fixed Awning—Which is Best?

Would you like to know whether motorized retractable awnings or fixed awnings are right for your home?

There’s lots to consider.

Fixed awnings are less expensive, but they don’t typically last as long as their retractable counterparts. Motorized retractable awnings, on the other hand, offer durability and easier maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at these two types of awnings and which one is best for your home.

Retractable Awning vs Fixed Awning

Pros & Cons of Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings are made of a welded metal frame that is then finished with a strong fabric or aluminum-slat cover. They are then attached permanently, or ‘fixed’ to your home’s patio doorway or window.

Pros of Fixed Awnings

Fixed Awnings are less Expensive

In comparison to retractable awnings, fixed awnings are far less expensive. Because they don’t have a host of motorized components and sensors, they aren’t as costly to install.

Can Be Customized

Customization helps secure the awning to your home, properly. There is a variety of awning styles and designs to choose from, to match your property.

Cons of Fixed Awnings

Susceptible to Bad Weather

Fixed awnings are easily destroyed in windy, stormy weather. In Florida, this is a big problem since Hurricane season rips through the state once per year. Ripping and fading of your awning is common, which requires an expensive replacement.

Don’t Last As Long

A fixed awning will never last as long as it’s retractable counterpart. The weather is one reason why they aren’t durable, but they also can’t be taken care of in quite the same way retractable awnings can. The metal components of fixed awnings easily rust and erode, too.

Pros & Cons of Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings can be extended or retracted based on the weather. They often come with motorized sensors that can tell when the wind picks up or when it starts rainy to automatically retract. You don’t have to lift a finger! Let’s look at a few pros and cons to installing one.

Protection of Furniture

Retractable awnings are excellent for protecting your furniture when the sun is blazing down. Florida is a sunny state, and it can get very hot very quickly. Custom retractable awnings are a great way to prevent premature fading of your patio.

Flexible & More Durable

Retractable awnings are far more durable and flexible than fixed awnings. A custom retractable awning easily folds up during windstorms or heavy rainfall, to protect it and prevent damage.

Convenient To Use

These awnings are also made from a variety of materials like vinyl, canvas, or water-resistant fabric giving you plenty of options to choose from. Motorized retractable awnings have sensors and remote controls, that make them extremely convenient to use.

Cons of Retractable Awnings

Can Be Expensive

Depending on the customization options you choose, retractable awnings can be expensive. The cost varies, but they are typically more expensive than fixed ones. However, keep in mind that the durability of retractable awnings make them worth the investment.

Maintenance is Required

Just like with fixed awnings, retractable awnings do require maintenance. Cleaning them, however, is much easier due to their flexibility.

Which Is Best For You?

Investing in an awning is a big decision, but our recommendation is always to choose customization. Our company offers the best quality retractable awnings in the state of Florida. Reach out to our team to learn more about how our awnings can improve and protect your home.

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