Improve Curb Appeal with Colorful Awnings

Improve Curb Appeal with Colorful Awnings

To help fight the intense heat and harsh sunshine in Florida, residents often look for affordable and efficient solutions. Window and door awnings offer homeowners and commercial property owners an innovative resolution that balances style and functionality. Here, Solarus USA discusses how a well-chosen awning design can complement your home or business.

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How Awnings Enhance Your Property

Adding awnings over the windows and doors of your residence or retail space can be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. One of those is amplifying the overall look and design of your structure. Much like curtains and drapes inside the home add character to a bare wall, window and door awnings can create a much more pleasing aesthetic to an otherwise mundane building exterior. With a variety of different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, customers can hand-pick their ideal awning fabric to achieve their desired look.

Other Benefits of Window and Door Awnings

While awnings can be used to refresh the look of your home or business, this is not their only benefit. Sunshades can enhance the curb appeal of your property in many other ways, such as:

Blocking the Rain

If you are someone who prefers keeping their windows open to enjoy the fresh air and pleasant breeze, window awnings can help when bad weather unexpectedly rolls through. They allow you to do this without the fear of unexpected rain coming into your home and damaging your floors and nearby belongings.

Preventing UV Damage

As the state of Florida typically sees over 2,800 hours of sunshine each year, UV damage poses a real threat to homes and businesses. Too much sun exposure can potentially damage your personal belongings or inventory that’s located in close proximity to your windows. This includes fading vibrant fabrics and overheating sensitive items.

Window and door awnings put you in control of the amount of sunlight that comes in. Shading your home or business from the outside, means you're able to shade those areas inside, as well.

Reducing Cooling Costs

With Florida’s relentless heat seemingly always bearing down upon its residents, air conditioning is crucial for comfortable working and living conditions. Many homeowners and business owners seek energy-efficient and cost-effective alternatives to give their air conditioning units and wallets a much-needed break. Awnings may be the answer, as they provide the exterior shade needed to create a much cooler space.

Raising the Value of the Property

With advantages such as potential energy savings and enhanced curb appeal, window and door awnings can help raise the overall value of your home or business. These fixtures are highly desirable to many potential buyers.

Awning Fabric Selection from Solarus USA

At Solarus USA, we are an award-winning company that prides itself on carrying quality products made from the finest materials. With such a wide variety of fabric styles, patterns, and colors, our clients can easily find the right awnings to express their own personal style.

To achieve the ideal look, start by selecting the frame color and then browse through over 130 different fabric options. The professionals at Solarus USA happily guide clients through the design process, assisting them in selecting the ideal designs for their property and location.

Our awnings are not only designed to look fantastic, but they stand up to the severe weather conditions native to the Florida area, as well. Our custom awnings are constructed with our premium acrylic fabric to improve their quality and enhance longevity season after season. Just some of the reasons why we choose to use this material for our fabric include:

  • It stands up to harsh weather well.
  • It resists moisture damage better than other materials.
  • It resists fading in the sun, which is a common issue with other fabrics.

Since 1981 Solarus USA has provided top-quality sunshades to clients in Palm Beach, Martin, and Broward Counties in Florida. We build and manufacture our entire line in-house, and we have extensive knowledge of each one of our products. Our friendly, experienced staff can answer any questions you may have. For more information on our window and door awnings or the design process, contact us today.

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