Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Screens

Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Screens

Mother nature can transform your tranquil backyard into turmoil in the blink of an eye. 

So, what’s the secret to protecting your property?

Hurricane screens. They offer protection from hurricane-level storms, including vicious wind and rain. There are many different types available that can protect you from not just storms but also bugs, UV rays, and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about this type of screen and how you can benefit from it. 

Understanding Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens are uniquely designed to withstand intense storms caused by hurricanes. They protect vulnerable entry points from storms, particularly your windows and doors. Damage caused to your window or door during a storm can cause dangerous debris to fly into your home, placing your building at risk. 

Hurricane screens are crafted from hurricane-tested materials. They can be used on residential and commercial properties, patios, or anywhere a building needs protection from a storm. 

In contrast with traditional storm shutters or even plywood, hurricane screens leverage advanced engineering techniques to withstand even more damage. As a result, they can easily stand up to torrential rain, hurricane winds, and even debris. 

Do Hurricane Screens Really Work?

The secret to how hurricane screens work lies in their design and construction. Most are made from durable materials like high-strength fabric, impact-resistant polycarbonate panels, or mesh. They are securely anchored to doors, windows, and outdoor spaces, creating a protective barrier to penetration. 

Depending on the brand, the anchoring process is different. For example, most use either a zipper or a fixed track to stay secure. However, brands like Magna Track use a patented magnetic anchor instead. This unique design prevents hang-ups, jams, or snags. 

However, all hurricane screens have the same goal: to stand up, absorb, or buffer the energy from debris and wind. 

So, yes, they work to keep the force of the storm outside the home and protect the interior of your property. 

The Benefits of Using Hurricane Screens—There is More Than Meets The Eye

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Hurricane protection doesn’t have to be unattractive. High-end hurricane screens come in a variety of colors and materials and are much different from bulky shutters. You can order ones that match your home or building’s design or have professionals recommend them. Since they’ll be attached to your building all year round, you should like how they look. 

Ventilation Friendly

Florida gets hot. To enjoy those lovely summer days, you’ll want outdoor screens that offer proper ventilation. Hurricane screens do! Made of mesh materials, don’t sweat using hurricane screens.

Effortless Deployment  

Most hurricane screens are easy to deploy. Either rolling out manually or using motorized retractable tracks, you can choose which option you prefer for deploying your screens. You can also leave them down all year round if you prefer. 

Shade & UV Blocking 

Hurricane screens don’t just protect you from destructive storms. They also provide continuous shade and UV protection—which is particularly important in Florida. Filter out harmful UV rays without blocking ventilation with the help of hurricane screens. 

Enhanced Privacy 

While they don’t completely block out any outside view, these screens provide enhanced privacy. Again, you can choose the right material for your home to determine the amount of protection offered. 

Bug Protection 

Some screens even offer protection from Florida’s infamous insects. From mosquitoes to flies and beyond, you can keep out pesky bugs without reducing ventilation when you choose bug-resistant screens

Energy Efficiency 

Adding a layer of material between the outdoors and your home can increase energy efficiency. This leads to significant cost savings on both your heating and cooling bills. 

What To Keep In Mind If You’re Thinking About Hurricane Screens

Yes, hurricane screens can be excellent tools for protecting your home. Still, you should consider a few things before investing in them. 

Quality and Certifications: 

The type of screen you buy matters. Ensure the brand is hurricane tested and certified and comes with a guarantee and warranty. 

Local Regulations: 

Does your HOA allow hurricane screens? If you’re not sure, check with your HOA board. Get answers before you order new screens.

Installation Expertise: 

Check with the company you’re buying from to ensure they are experts at installing hurricane screens. Without proper installation, your screens won’t function as intended. Choose experienced installers for the best results. 

Cost vs. Value 

Think about the cost of the screens versus their long-term value. The long-term value could include protection from damage caused by hurricanes and storms. While they can be expensive, most homeowners find the benefits far outweigh any upfront costs. 

Wrapping Things Up Making an Informed Decision

Investing in protection and safety for your home is essential in a world where weather patterns are unpredictable. Hurricane screens, with their advanced design and proven effectiveness, provide a compelling way to fortify your property against the forces of nature. 

If you’re trying to decide whether or not this type of screen is right for your home, feel free to reach out to us. 

We offer a variety of the industry’s best hurricane screen brands. We are happy to consult with you about your options. Call us to learn more, or browse our brands here. 

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